Specialty Linens Collection

Chase Canopy Company, Inc. is proud to provide specialty linens through BBJ Linen; the largest specialty linen rental company in the United States.  

You can view all of these fine products directly at www.chasecanopy.finelinenrental.com/. 

Banquet Tables

8’ Banquet Table

8’ Banquet Table

  • 132″ round linen makes a great flounce over a 90″ x 156″ conference base cloth. Let it embellish you buffet table by sitting on top or hanging over the edges.
  • 120″ round, 108″ round, 90″ and 60″ also make decorative top cloths that can be folded, flounced or laid flat over a base cloth.
  • 90″ x 156″ conference cloth is the ideal size to fully cover your banquet table. This cloth will hang to the floor on all sides.
  • Stretch table forms are available in this size.

6’ Banquet Table

  • 132″ round linen will fully cover this table, with two sides being puddled under the table.
  • 60″ x 120″ rectangular linen creates a drop over the side that hangs close to the floor. Great for casual dining.
  • 90″ x 156″ conference works well to fully cover the table. This tablecloth can be folded once so all sides hang perfectly to the floor or the ends of the table will have a slight puddle.
  • Stretch tableforms are also available to fit this table.