Suggested Tent Sizes

You can estimate needing approximately 100 square feet for every 10 guests for seating only. Additional bars, buffet tables and increased size of dance floor will increase the tent size exponentially. Bands will advise you how much space they need for staging and this may increase tent size as well.

GuestsTent SizeDance Floor
Seating Onlyw/Bar & Buffetw/Dance Flr & DJ
4020x2020x3020x408x12  (6 pcs)
6020x3020x4020x5012x12  (9 pcs)
8020x4020x5030x4012x16    (12 pcs)
9030x3030x4030x5012x16  (12 pcs)
10020x5030x4030x5016x16 (16 pcs)
12030x4030x5030x6016x20 (20 pcs)
18030x6040x6040x8020x20 (25 pcs)
24040x6040x8050x8020x24 (30 pcs)
32040x8050x8050x15028x28 (49 pcs)