Estimating Glassware for Your Event

For a 5 hour event we estimate at least 3 glasses per person and more if you can afford. People rarely take their empty glass back to the bar and servers tend to pick up partially empty glasses from cocktail/dinner tables. We suggest a wine glass per person because guests may have a cocktail first, and then wine with dinner. Beer glasses are usually 1/3 of the number of guests, as beer drinkers tend to take the bottle. For mixed drink glasses, estimate 1 or 2 per guest.

So, for 100 guests = 100 Wine/35 Beer/165 All-Purpose Glasses

  • If you are serving martinis, add about 20 for every 100 guests.
  • If you have champagne on the bar, add about 40 for every 100 guests.
  • If you are serving scotch or bourbon, add 20 rocks glasses for every 100 guests.
  • If you are doing craft beers or have a beer-drinking crowd, you might want to think about having a pilsner glass and plan on 50+ for every 100 guests.
  • If you are doing a specialty cocktail, you might want to have at least 50 of the appropriate glass for every 100 guests.

For plated meals, you will obviously need water goblets for the guest count; a wine glass for each guest if wine is served tableside; and a champagne glass per person if doing a champagne toast. Please note that these glass totals are over-and-above the glassware on the bar.

Ultimately, glassware totals are affected by cash vs. open bar; the length of the event; the time of day; the day of the week; the type of event; the age and gender of your guests; the weather and other factors, so just share your event details with us and we can help you plan.