Professional Tent Cleaning Service

Protect Your Investment

In 2001, Chase Canopy built the first facility in the Northeast designed specifically for washing tents. The facility features 3,500 square feet of heated floors; a humidity controlled atmosphere; 35+ feet ceilings for drying fabric and; as of 2020, a new state of the art TEECO™ washing machine.
We work hard and pride ourselves on providing you unparalleled customer service and it is important to us that your investments are protected.

Aside from specializing in cleaning one-piece and sectional vinyl tents, we also clean the following:

  • Awnings and tents
  • Sails of all types
  • Drop cloths and tarps
  • Large and small industrial fabrics

Chase Canopy provides a comprehensive system when washing tents that includes opening each section and inspecting it for damage; pre-treating very soiled areas; washing the tent sections and then allowing them to hang and dry for two days to ensure they are thoroughly dry. During the maintenance check we will service all non-frame repairs to your fabrics. We are able to repair holes, rips, tears, gashes and more.

Vinyl Tent Washing Pricing

Climate-Controlled Winter Storage: $250.00 per pallet for 2023/2024 Winter Season

For a custom quote for your cleaning needs, call or email us today and a representative will be happy to assist you!

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