How to Know if Your Wedding Venue Fits in Your Budget

Choosing a venue for your wedding is one of the more important decisions of your life. Like any major decision in someone’s life, you will be inhibited with stress and anxiety. The major questions that you will ponder are: Is it too expensive? Will I love it? Is it convenient for all of the guests? All these questions can be answered and save you from stress and money. 91c42eb5c1fa078e4864d443f4eb1928Calculate your Budget Before you look into any venue, you should determine your budget. This shouldn’t just be a rough estimate or an approximation. This should include every single detail from the cost of the DJ to the fee for tableware. Try and stay clear of wedding budget calculators that are all over the internet. Why don’t wedding calculators usually work? • Wedding venues cost more or less depending on the city and state. • da0c4c77c73c08b5f5e61e834e51f6afDiscounts are generally available for weddings not planned on Saturdays and can save you a substantial amount of money. This is also the case when booking in the ‘‘wedding offseason’’ and prices always run higher when you book “in season”. • Photography rates vary and can’t be determined without contacting photographers How can I save time while doing it the “Old Fashioned Way”? Something that also must be taken into account is if there will be any financial assistance required to pay for the wedding. It’s definitely not the most comfortable conversation you will have, but it can really pay off and make the day go more smoothly. A sample conversation-starter could go a little like this: “Hey Mom, _____ and I have been engaged for a few months and we’ve decided to start thinking about planning a wedding. We are really hoping to have a fun, laid-back gathering for all the people that are closest to us. I’m not sure if you’ve thought about it yet, so no need to answer today, but I was wondering if you and Dad are willing and able to contribute in some monetary way to our plans? Whatever you’re able to offer would be beyond helpful!” -A Practical Wedding Resources such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets make creating charts and managing budgets simple. Start by creating categories for every possible cost. When organizing your spread sheet, it will likely be difficult to think of every specific cost without forgetting a few. Check out this list from the helps you sort everything in an organized way. 0fdb45d69380c3c6bb610d7f9faf330b_redo265a6189127e06a1c0c24e1fdddcf3f36da8c5f9cbc42baa2cc8a4feef0fc22ac4f7fd6925bc2a86115174a288eab6e1 Understand and be Wary of Hidden Costs Companies in many industries often include hidden costs. For Wedding venues and services, this is especially true. Here are some of the most common ways of adding these costs up. Welcoming Bags Welcoming bags seem like a very nice gesture for hotels. This isn’t wrong, but it also brings up the prices substantially. Some hotels even charge you for not using them. Make sure you are fully aware of the hotel’s policy. Overtime Costs You may be having the time of you life at your wedding, you should be, but be aware of the cost and fees that venues change for going over your time limit. Make sure to check in beforehand on the price without presuming. Saving money can be done efficiently by choosing our bar options. Breakdown Costs When booking rentals and figuring out costs, the last thing on customers’ minds is the costs for breaking down and cleaning up. These costs can actually add up and it is important to check in on the companies polices. All in all, your wedding day should be one of the best moments of your life, but it is crucial to be prepared for on costs and policies that companies reward. At Chase Canopy, we are the number one option for helping you save money and stay on your budget! Check out our tent rental options!