Tips for Planning Corporate Events

Corporate events are gatherings for employees or business partners or clients that
can be held as conventions or smaller venues. Whichever route you choose, it is very
important that you prepare and be well-organized to make a great impression on your
company and potentially new clients or partners.

Corporate events may be something you see as fun and easy to organize and promote.
However, major companies businesses are constantly hiring event planners to make
sure everything is run properly. However, smaller companies who don’t quite have the
budget to bring in these employees have to come up with their own ideas and visions.
With this, managing a budget, accounting for guests, making sure the guests are aware
and available to name a few.

Arguably the most crucial part of planning for a corporate budget is figuring out your
budget and sticking to it. Similar to our planning your wedding blog, corporate event
budgets can be easily done by using spreadsheets, or any other budgeting software
that will keep you organized. Corporate event budgets can be made less hectic by
looking into past events and seeing how much money as spent according to the
number of guests that attended.

Marketing and Advertising
Letting the event be known to your employees or emphasizing a specific department in
the company is extremely important. Social media can be used to let the public aware
of larger events. Targeting specific groups of consumers can be easily completed by
using Facebook groups that will also set reminders. For smaller events specifically for
employees or clients only, email marketing is very useful to promote the event.
“Be sure to involve the local community as well, said Gina Argento, president and CEO
of Broadway Series.”-Business News Daily "We always use local vendors for catering
needs, various rentals and many other crucial aspects to planning a business event,"
Argento said. "By doing this, we are supporting the local community and giving them
the opportunity to network and expand their businesses."

Be Wary of Other Events
Make sure that when you are initially scheduling the event that it does not conflict with
another event in the same industry. This could be an issue with you partners or
potential clients that could potentially attend the other one instead.

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