Backyard Tented Events - What do my vendors need to know?

When working in a tent, there are a few considerations to make on behalf of your vendors.  Remember, you aren’t just planning a wedding, you are also building the venue! So, here’s a great checklist of items to consider for your vendors….

    • Power:  If you are hosting in your backyard, remember, your house electrical won’t be enough to power a DJ, lighting, possible catering ovens, and charging the groom’s phone so he can take selfies all night!  When booking your vendors, always ask them about their power requirements and keep a running list. Then, let your tent provider know all of the vendors who need power. They can recommend the right size generator for your event.  


  • Waste Management:  If you are having a large backyard event, the waste from the event can add up!  A typical 100 person event can produce 10-15 bags of trash. Have a plan for this!  Some towns have overflow bags that you can purchase in advance - buy at least one bag per 10 guests.  If you are having more than 300 guests, you may consider renting a dumpster. Don’t worry, they can park the dumpster further away from your tent.  

  • Catering Tent:  Keep your catering team happy!  They need a tent with walls so they can prepare your food for you.  No, Uncle bob’s pop-up tent is not going to work for them, they need a good 20x20 frame tent with sidewalls, lights, and possibly a fan to keep them cool.  No one wants to see the slop bucket during the event, so let’s keep this behind closed doors.

  • Restrooms:  Portable restrooms come in a variety of styles for your event.  Some units have running water, granite countertops, and luxurious flushing toilets.  Remember though, the fancier you get, the more utilities it will need! Most portable restrooms will need access to a hose and power, so make sure to put this vendor on your utilities list.  

  • Parking:  When planning through your event, please make sure to consider parking for your guests.  The assumption is one car per two people. So, if you have a 150 person guest list, you could potentially end up with 75 cars, nevermind the vendors vehicles!  If you don’t have the space on property, consider leasing a parking lot for the day and providing shuttles for your guests.

  • Grounds:  Something to let your vendors know is what sort of ground the event will be held on.  If you are doing a backyard event on grass, it’s important that vendors know this in advance so they can bring the proper dollies for hauling their equipment. Also, be mindful of how far away the vendor load in location and event location are so vendors can plan in advance to have enough time to make a long walk and pack enough extensions cords if power is far away.

  • Event Management:  Yes, this can all seem overwhelming to remember every small little detail.  An event planner is a great resource to help pull all of the vendors together to produce the event.  Consider hiring the help so you aren’t stuck working too hard on your event day.


Article submit by Amy Zediana Dearth, CSEP

Owner of Consider It Done Special Events and Consider It Poured