Décor in a Tent – How to get the biggest bang for your buck!

So, you’ve booked your tent, now what?  Tents offer a vast open space that leads to so many creative options, but how do you choose?  How do you know how to spend your décor dollars to transform a blank canvas like a tall white tent?  Join me as we chat through a few different ways to create interest, depth, and dimensions for your special event.

Fabrics -  Like all events, using fabric is a great way to add color, texture, and even pattern to your design.  Being that most tents are white or ivory, consider choosing saturated colors and strong patterns. Fabrics are great to decorate your tables, but also, to swag in the ceiling!  At Consider It Done Special Events, we love to put fabric in ceilings to add drama, without a lot of cost.


Lighting – Most lighting designers consider tents a blank canvas that they can paint with light!  When considering your event design, don’t be afraid to bring some color and patterns through lights as well.  Not only will this look pretty to the eye, but provide necessary lighting during evening events. There are so many options for lighting to include:

  1. String Lights – These type of twinkle lights or bulb lights look amazing in tents for elegance, warmth, and dramatics.  (Combine with fabric swags and you have a winner!)
  2. Patterned Lighting – Most event designers favorites are patterned lights, also known as a gobo wash.  Through small steel discs, we project images and patterns with colored lights on the ceiling of your tent.  This really creates an incredible spectacle for your guests to enjoy.
  3. Uplighting – Uplighting is the standard for event lighting nowadays.  Through uplights, you can create a nice wash of light on your tent ceiling.  But remember, uplights usually sit on the ground, so these really are best if the tent walls are closed.  If you don’t have the tent walls closed, consider using a par can light that attached to the tent poles instead.

Tabletop Décor – Because a tent allows you to bring in every piece of furniture, something to consider is different table shapes and styles.  Mix and match! Don’t be afraid to combine textures as well. Perhaps a round table next to a rectangular farmer’s table. Also, since ceiling heights are so high in tents, combining some high and low centerpieces is a great way to fill that empty space above the tables before your draping.


No matter your selection, as with any decor installation, try to make selections that you absolutely love.  If you don’t love it, it’s not the right look! Happy Planning!!!


Article submit by Amy Zediana Dearth, CSEP

Owner of Consider It Done Special Events and Consider It Poured